We launched a nationwide gun violence awareness campaign, which included a rally following the aftermath of Ferguson, on behalf of the League of Young Voters.

As gun violence continues to cast a dark shadow across the country, young people have galvanized to address an issue that has been growing at an alarming rate. Inspired by Snoop Lion and Drake’s song “No Guns Allowed,” the League of Young Voters reached out to Cashmere Agency to raise awareness about gun violence in our communities. Snoop pledged his allegiance to the cause, and with that, the No Guns Allowed campaign, helmed by Cashmere Agency, came to fruition.

The song grew into a movement, and the campaign grew both online and offline through various activations. We facilitated a Silicon Valley fundraiser, as well as Google Hangout discussions featuring leaders in the tech industry, journalists, and activists. A star-studded town hall discussion at the BET Experience in Los Angeles resulted in a nationwide trending topic and major media coverage. Later at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, NGA correspondents polled celebrity attendees about gun violence.

Following the aftermath of Ferguson, we organized the Fallout from Ferguson Breakfast, which was attended by journalists, activists, Snoop Dogg, and the families of Jordan Davis and Michael Brown. Through our efforts, we successfully aligned the League of Young Voters with powerful, influential forces, and through the additional funding, the League of Young Voters continues to empower generations of people against gun violence, while also honoring those who have fallen in its name.

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