Cashmere Quick Hits 12/17

By Cashmere Agency Film & TV, Lifestyle, Tech

Instant replay? Seems like users are already telling Netflix to run that idea back. Read about this new Netflix feature and more in this week’s Quick Hits!

Instant Replay

Netflix is testing ‘Instant Replay’ feature that users already hate

Netflix has confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that it is testing an “Instant Replay” button. The feature delivers a button prompt to viewers to “replay” what they just watched at the end of a scene, without any rewinding or fast forwarding necessary.



The Death Of Keywords As Audiences Become Key To Targeting In Search

Companies like Yelp, as well as traditional search platform companies such as Google and Bing have slowly begun to rely more heavily on building audiences rather than keywords to target consumers. The trend began several years ago, but marketers have just begun to acknowledge that they compensate for the change.



These are the top issues with voice discoverability, monetization, and retention — and how to solve them

The voice app ecosystem is booming. In the US, the number of Alexa skills alone surpassed 25,000 in January 2018, up from just 7,000 the previous January, in categories ranging from music streaming services, to games, to connected home tools.